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Monday, February 27, 2012
120225 Boyfriend & Sistar fanaccount♥ c0mments!
120225 ; Boyfriend & Sistar's arrival to Singapore

Went to airport pretty early. I really wanted to pass minwoo my Mickey Mouse stuff toy. It was my all time favourite stuff toy i had...
This is what it looks like. Cute,right? Haha.

So, we Waited & waited & waited till they finally came!! Sistar is really pretty in real life. Hyorin waved(: i was too shocked by seeing sistar in real life for the first time that i didn't know boyfriend was just behind.i thought sistar would go into the van first,then boyfriend will come out. Oh well. So,when i saw kwangmin i was really surprised. O_O so i shouted for kwangmin and he waved back. Boyfriend was stopped for awhile because they had to wait for sistar to go into their van before they can go into theirs.

When i saw minwoo, i immediately showed him my mickey mouse toy. He saw it! But he just smiled.. Woah, suddenly Jeongmin & Donghyun went towards our side and started posing for the fans. Haha it was really cute~ donghyun walked nearer to me and i called his name. He heard and looked.Since i was holding my mickey mouse with the badge written "민우" he mouthed "minwoo?" i really really did not know why i didnt notice that jeongmin was just beside donghyun and was looking at me too.. My friends that saw what happened told me he also mouthed "minwoo?" okay, so i nodded(maybe a little too aggresively haha) donghyun &jeongmin helped me passed it to minwoo.i really can't thank them enough for doing that T_T

Alright, after that donghyun was infront of me so i called him again...he looked, waved and then he
HIGH-freaking-5;_; i couldn't believe it... Then, i called minwoo and he turned to look. He lifted up the mickey mouse!!! Somehow implementing "yours?"... I O__O and nodded(aggresively again lol) whilst pointing to myself. Haha. He smiled~ oh god. His smile can really make make you weak in the knees... T_T later, jeongmin was infront of me. Again, i called him and he looked & smiled..then he..he.. high5-ed me as well!! ;__; his smile is......deadly.Their van was ready and they started going in. While going, minwoo did the twist pose to me...i didnt know why at that time. But after watching fancams, i realised i was holding my phone making it look like i was recording/taking pictures. I didnt even remember holding my phone... Lol That explains it.

There are a number of fancams of what happened in the airport. Some of it are:
(cr: uploader)

0:08 - hyorin waved
0:13- kwangmin waved
0:33-0:37 - !!!donghyun&jeongmin helping me pass the mickey mouse TT
0:44 - Donghyun's high5
0:52 - Minwoo lifted the mickey mouse to me his smile ;_;
1:05 - jeongmin's smile and he high5-ed
1:14 - minwoo's twist pose(which i didnt know why he did at first lol)

0:44 - can see donghyun's high5 more clearly

& here are some fantaken pictures of minwoo holding my mickey mouse T_T credits to the original owners & thank you!!


(left : lol,can you see my hand?haha ; cr.@danieIchae)
(right : mickey mouse~ ; cr. @SHERIEEE)
(below : cr. @pikamin_)

and yes,i ask permission to post their poloroids(:

I went crazy.. Lol. Went into the van and started stalking. During the journey to their hotel, jeongmin was recording with a cam recorder. Haha, filmed our van as well. Also, i showed my scrapbook with the "i love you.비밀!!쉿~"(i love you. Its a secret!! Shh~) minwoo saw and he nodded hahahaha.When they reached the hotel,before coming out i was at minwoo's side of the van with phedra.there wasn't much people there. Like 3-5 only? Lol. Minwoo kept waving.i put half a heart with my finger to the window and failed the first time. The second time i did, he actually joined tgt with me.........;__; oh, and he was still holding on to my mickey mouse. LOL. My friends told me they saw the mickey mouse in a bag minwoo was holding.. So he put it in the bag after i left? Hahaha.

Then we waited for hours till they finally came out at 7pm+? Went to the other side of the van. Kwangmin was at the back and minwoo was infront of him. He posed for poloroids~ jenny's poloroid was awesome *o* Phedra used hand guestures to ask him eat and did it back. Then i also ask him 'eat,ok?' And he did the 'ok' sign and nodded.....cute. Hahahaha. Went to minwoo and he waved waved LOL.They went to sentosa. Otw there,jeongmin was filming again. I showed "바보" on my phone when he filmed the van hahahahaha. Hope they'll cut that part xD We got off the van and started chasing their van at sentosa... :/ we were at the side where minwoo & kwangmin were at.So while we were running like mad people, minwoo kept saying "조심조심!!"(becareful becareful) aww...i got too tired and stopped(i am getting old) we had no idea where they went.we even went to uss... But no sight of them at all. So apparently, they were filming.

Followed them back to the hotel.oh, they KEPT playing with their phone/ipad.. Some soccer game or something LOL. Only minwoo would wave in the van when his game finished haha.
At around 11pm-midnight, sistar came out to go have their rehearsal.hyorin & bora waved ^^ later on, boyfriend came out. I wanted to pass them my gift... So i reached out my gift. Donghyun saw me and saw the gift he wanted to grab it but kept failing to grab on... When all of them went in......... I fell down HAHAHAHA it was epic. The guard saw me fell down and he took my gift LOL he gave it to one of the member i don't know who... o_o there was a rubber chicken(yes LOL),stickys,huge lollipop,glove&my friends letter and lollipops..
Okay, i went to the other side of the van.donghyun was busy posing for the poloroids HAHAHAH super cute! Someone showed him a poloroid to the window and he looked at it with a goofy face xD

After they went off, went home. It was really a memorable day and my whole body is acheing now. This was definately the most memorable airport arrival i have ever been too...i still can't believe everything that happened actually HAPPENED. T_T
i will post 120226's fanaccount later.... BYEBYE.

wait...BONUS! ROFL
do you see me?okay, FML.bye~

6:30 AM